It has been 46 days since my last blog post

I did the show thrice yesterday, as part of Word of Warning’s Divergency at Z-arts. This event is part of an artist development project (also called Divergency) that seeks to encourage more cultural diversity in live art and contemporary performance. Up until very recently, I managed it, but I wanted to chill out on the work front for a bit.

It was lovely to share the bill with the great artists that have made work as part of Divergency, and to share the show with local people, artist people, and promoter people. The bit where I got chilli powder in my eye was not meant to be part of the show, but it was pretty live art so…

Performing yesterday highlighted for me how my relationship to the content of the show has changed, and I think this needs to be reflected in it. At the risk of sounding wanky and pretentious, I don’t like just saying the words; they have to be true to me! (I’m shuddering as I type.)

I’ve been watching some top stuff as well – a highlight being fellow Bangladeshi (see how I claim connections) Akram Khan’s (and MIF’s, and ENB’s) Giselle. Me and my mum saw a poster for it when we driving on the Mancunian Way, and I told her about him and even she (never been to a theatre) was loving it.

Here’s me on the telly. Also, I just checked my calendar and realised I’m flippin going to Rio in 8 DAYS! I’ll write about that soon! Also, please pardon any poor apostrophe and excessive parenthesis use - I did consult this.

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