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I can’t believe I did the show in Edinburgh. I know it’s no big thing, loads of people do it, but…

I did it! It involved so much logic and strategy, but somehow it happened and it went dead well. Every one of my shows went up late, and each performance was slightly different, but it seemed that the show was right at home at Forest Fringe. I’ve got so much love for Forest Fringe.

I don’t want to be all swoony about it, but I actually can’t help it. Shout out to everyone at Forest Fringe, shout out to my bezzie Jade for coming with and helping to organise me, and my other bezzie Bonita for coming to watch the show for the 3rd time. Shout out to my dead good producer as well.

The whole #EdFringe experience was so unreal. Was involved in a couple of capers and a handful of high jinks (or is it hijinks?), not quite sure I know you well enough to tell you about them, but one day maybe. One day when none of my family can use the internet. Watched some dead good shows as well. Shout out to the double bill of The Paper Cinema and Dan Canham for making me cry. Shout out to How (Not) to Live in Suburbia as well.

It’s Monday afternoon, it’s raining, and I’m at work. This is no complaint though, just a far cry from where I was at last week. Also, I’ve been offered the opportunity to go to Rio de Janeiro in October, as an artist, to potentially present my show, as part of The Art of Cultural Exchange. Obvs I said yeah! I don’t know if I should even be typing this, I can’t really quite believe it, I’m waiting for the invitation to be rescinded at any moment!

But they have asked for my passport details to book my travel, so it’s a little bit certain. I still can’t believe it.

What is my life?!

(I’m defo gonna look back at these blog posts and cringe hard, but oh well.) (Also, I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up the momentum of this level of posting. How about I post when something vaguely interesting is happening. Hope that’s ok.)

This post's stock image is called "Running in forest". Here's a picture of me at Forest Fringe.

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