It says "Add an engaging title"...

I can’t believe I’ve got a website. I know it’s no big thing, and that anyone can make one for any reason, but… I’ve got a website with my name as the url… Presha! (This was the name of the underage nightclub that existed in Manchester when I was underage… I never went to it though.)

Anyway, the reason I’ve got a website is: 3 years ago, I participated in a Playful Documentary Unit hosted by those lovely and curious adventurers, Coney, and from this an idea was sparked. That idea became Daughters of the Curry Revolution, the show that is imminently (tomorrow!) going to Forest Fringe in Edinburgh. I’m going with it – rather selfishly I’ve made myself indispensible to it.

I’ve also got a couple of ideas in gestation. I hope that they’re good, and maybe that they take less time than 3 years to be birthed. I think I’m just excited. Need to pack.

If you’re reading this, I will try to make these posts funny and / or interesting but no guarantees. There will be a stock image attached to every blog post – my dead good Producer and I wanted to fill the website with them, but were concerned it might be both unprofessional and annoying for anyone who might want to book the show. That’s the actual reason I've got a website.

This post's stock image is entitled "Girl in sari smiling". It is not me, however, this girl in sari smiling is.

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